DRINK: Café Obsession

We’re always searching for the perfect café au lait or cappuccino.  It seems to be a challenge to find a version that makes you feel like you’re back in Paris.  A few spots we’ve discovered in SF have come very close!

Jane – this darling location on Fillmore Street is a perfect spot for a cappuccino and a sweet treat.  Bring a book and enjoy some great people watching.

Philz Coffee – Phil made his turkish coffee famous years ago, it’s not to be missed.  Coffee with cream, mint, and brown sugar it’s like a dessert all by itself!  And you’ll get a fantastic buzz.

Blue Bottle – These guys take coffee VERY seriously and it’s to our benefit as they take meticulous effort in creating each and every drink that they make.  This is where you’ll find the most european-like cafe (in my opinion).  Try their Mint Plaza location, or on the weekends at the Ferry Building.